Indoor Retail Mapping System

StealthMatrix works with patent pending algorithms and industry-specific hardware to help clients create 2D on-demand floor maps, locate merchandise with Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, generate augmented reality workflow processes and conceptual environments, without expensive build-out.

StealthMatrix ARCTM is an IoT sensor-based hardware and software prosumer device, modularized and flexible to fit each client’s dynamic environment.  It supports both internal operations and customer-facing mobile applications.

All team members, from Senior Executives to sales associate, have a single pane view of inventory over the entire operation.

The product suite is transferable to StealthMatrix autonomous mobile devices, so retailers may aid sales teams and operations in the actual retrieving and packing of items, “a pick and pack mobile device.”

Leveraging augmented reality and AI technologies, StealthMatrix ARC is a commercially available, prosumer mobile-based device built for Retail Item Level RFID.

Making Shopping An Experience

StealthMatrix is a sensory-based item-level tracking system that locates merchandise within 3 feet, using IoT sensor technology.  It will transform an entire operation into a true omni-channel organization, increasing the shopping experience.

Bridging the Gap Between Retail and E-Commerce

Compatible with Android and Apple iOS smartphones for use by customers, sales associates, operations and executives, StealthMatrix will turn a retail operation into a warehouse for everyone.

Business Intelligence

From sales, product movement, to streamlined tasks StealthMatrix’s AI capabilities provides real-time business intelligence to increase sales and reduce operating costs.

Gaming Tech for Item Tracking

StealthMatrix ARC™ uses augmented reality, assisting a sales associate, a customer to pinpoint the exact location of an item anywhere in a store. What sets it apart, it requires no special in-store hardware installation – truly a mobile solution.

Create a true omni-channel operation by transforming your inventory control and sales systems

“Truly game-changing for the retail industry, something that will drive the next generation of omni-channel thru real-time, inventory location.  The time, effort and cost saved by retailers will be substantial, 20x for every dollar spent.  StealthMatrix is market ready, can be deployed in minutes, at a store already using RFID or wayfinding tech.”

Margaret Nyswonger
CEO, StealthMatrix

StealthMatrix ARC™ Features


  • Indoor real-time position and location
  • Real-time 2D map
  • Indoor coordinates for exact merchandise location
  • Wayfinding

The device creates a virtual map with fixtures, display cases, walls, entrances and exits to scale.  The map traces the user’s steps and displays the user’s pathway and boundaries.

The ARC creates a virtual 3D map, transforming it to an easy to navigate 2D format.


  • Handheld scan device
  • Autonomous enabled devices, modules
  • Real-time on-hand inventory
  • RFID Scans

Device scans the sales floor and stockroom, collects RFID signals and maps location.


  • Handheld scan device
  • Autonomous enabled devices, modules
  • Real-time on-hand inventory
  • RFID Scans

Device scans the sales floor and stockroom, collects RFID signals and maps location.


  • Augmented Reality
  • IoT, RFID, sensor-based inventory tracking system
  • Overview of inventory on all devices
    (web and mobile)
  • Virtual view of precise IoT-sensored inventory with AI
  • Visual and auditory-enabled navigation to precise item locations

A 2D map is used to navigate the user to the desired item anywhere in the store.  The user can enter specific filters for their search (vendor, department, UPC #).  The device creates a rapid beeping sound to notify the user when he or she is within one foot of the item.

What Makes StealthMatrix™ Stand Apart?

Margaret Nyswonger, CEO, StealthNetwork Communications

“Our team is the best in the field of RFID technology.  They have designed a product to increase retailers’ top and bottom line sales with gaming technology that visualizes and leverages current inventory to maximum advantage.

Consumers now have the confidence of knowing a store actually has the inventory indicated on their e-commerce site.  All they will need to do is order on-line and pickup in store, or have merchandise delivered.

The StealthMatrix ARC™ provides the ability to map retail space and assign indoor position to locate items using RFID via a tablet or a smartphone.  Anyone in the sales chain, from customer to Senior Executives will know quantity, color, size and will be guided to the exact merchandise location.”

  StealthMatrix ARCTM UHF RFID Systems Beacon
Special hardware installation No Yes Yes
100% mobile device Yes No No
Real-time visual inventory location Yes No No
Cost of entry Low High High
Maintenance cost Low High High
Visual and navigational 2D maps Yes No No
Wayfinding Yes No Yes
Creates on-demand real time 2D floor map Yes No No
Single pane global view of inventory location to the exact merchandise location Yes No No
Utilizing next generation technologies Yes No No

StealthMatrix bridges the gap between brick-and-mortar and e‑commerce operations, using cutting edge tech, minus the heavy investment or major build out.

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